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online game security

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online game security

Postby skylithree » Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:40 am

There are too many spying devices around us everywhere. Wireless audio device could record down our talking, wireless video camera could video record what we are doing. If we are doing business or other private things, these kind of spying devices could be very dangerous for us. Try to imagine that when we are trying on clothes in the fitting room of a shopping mall, where a sprying camera was installed and someone elso is watching on you in another room. What can we do for that? To solve this kind of problems and keep us in safe, we need wireless video jammer. What is wireless video jammer? It is a kind of electronic device that could issue stronger signal to cover and hide the wireless video camera signal, so the camera can not work.

There are many wireless video jammers, to know more about it and select a suitable one for you, we need to take a close look at them. Here is a good wireless video jammer and wifi jammer, the Portable Wireless Wifi, Bluetooth, Wireless Video Audio Jammer. Below is the instroduce of it:

Portable Wireless Block - Wifi, Bluetooth, Wireless Video Camera Jammer is a portable Wifi, Bluetooth, wireless video signal jammer, conduct meetings, legal proceedings, or other important activities with peace of mind.

The wireless blocker transmits on three primary frequencies, block all nearby wifi network activity, Bluetooth devices and wireless video camera signals. Turned on this wireless video jammer and wifi jammer, security for 15 meters radius, and turn off, re-established all the wireless network activity automatically. Best quite simply one on the market today.

Spy camera and audio bug blocker with isolating Signal Bandwidth: - 1.0G: 895-1000MHz, - 1.2G: 1195-1300MHz and - 2.4G: 2395-2500MHz, and the Power Source are Wall plug, car adapter, or built-in battery.

Internal Battery is 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion, the life is 90 minutes. The dimensions are Antennas off (L*W*H): 112*60*30mm and Antennas on (L*W*H): 195*60*30mm.

Compact size is only slightly bigger than a standard IPOD (antennas off), run on AC power or battery power. Electrical power and recharging from AC charger (110/220V) certified by the Security Ministry of China, so you know it works well!

Technical Specification
Main Functions: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless video signal jammer
Additional Functions: Spy camera and audio bug blocker
Isolating Signal Bandwidth:
-1.0G: 895-1000mhz
-1.2G: 1195-1300mhz
-2.4G: 2395-2500mhz
Coverage Area: up to 15 meters
Power Source: Wall plug, car adapter, or built-in battery
Internal Battery: 2000mAh rechargeable li-ion
Working Time : 90minuters
-Antennas off (L*W*H): 112*60*30mm
-Antennas on (L*W*H): 195*60*30mm
Compact size - only slightly bigger than a standard IPOD (antennas off)
Can be run on AC power or battery power
Power supply: AC adapter (AC100-240V DC12V)
Output Power: 2.7W
Color: Black
Certified by the Security Ministry of China, so you know it works well!

Form the above features, you know that it is not only a wireless video jammer, but also a wifi blocker, a bluetooth jammer and audio jammer. If you want to see more wireless video jammer or wifi jammer, please come to out website. We are a professional jammer device provider. Here you could find diferent kinds of jammers, wifi jammer, GPS jammer,bluetooth jammer, mobile phone jammer and other many designs.
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Re: online game security

Postby wags83 » Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:54 pm

Would this be used in lieu of the cell phone blocker or as a compliment to it?

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