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Tokyo Ghoul - Anime

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Tokyo Ghoul - Anime

Postby cwilkins88 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:40 am

Has anyone else watched this? It's basically a show about some monsters that live in the city that are born and look like humans, except they have a 'quinque', which is a unique ability that is a physical part of them and helps gives them some sort of super-power.

They are being hunted by a group of tactical squads called 'the doves', who kill the ghouls, take their quinque and use it to fight the ghouls using their own weapons.

The main character gets almost killed by a ghoul, but in a freak accident, she doesnt finish him off, she he turns half-ghoul.

If i'm being honest, he's a bit of a bitch and super irritating the first season, but everything else is cool. Season #2 he turns into a badass and wrecks a bunch of people.

I was also pleasantly surprised that one of the big baddies was voiced by the same guy who does All Might from my hero academy.

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