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Escape at Dannemora on showtime

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Escape at Dannemora on showtime

Postby Tyler » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:32 am

Tyler wrote:Source of the post going into the hour-forty finale.

That was a long episode of TV. I read it aired as 2 episodes in some countries.

I somehow don't remember this story from 2015 and I stayed off the internet so I really didn't know if Matt/Sweat were going to get caught or killed. I figured at least one of them had to live though to tell the story. Tilly was certified insane, right? Poor lady needs mental health when she gets out and Lyle should not be waiting. I'm glad she freely gave up that information because Sweat was probably going to rat her out once he got brought in.

It is beyond insane that they covered 21 miles in 21 days together, but as soon as Sweat ditched Matt he covered 18 miles in 4 days. Sweat easily could have gotten away if he ditched Matt, but there is honor among criminals. Regardless, it's not like Canada is instant freedom. The Mounties would have hunted him down there.

How about that 100 yard pistol shot.

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