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Postby Tyler » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:28 pm

No Hacking - This should go without saying, but you are not permitted to hack the board. Guessing someone else's password and succeeding counts as hacking. Members who hack will instantly be permanently banned without any warnings.
No Discrimination - You may not insult members based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs, or whether they are gay or straight. This is worse than flaming, because it also hurts other members of the board who fall into the catagory you insult. Couch Potato Talk is a place where everyone is equal, and discrimination will NOT be tolerated!
No Bullying - Do not pick on other members. The worst kind of bullying is where new members are picked on. This hurts the member as well as the board.
No Flaming - Flaming is to engage in an argument usually involving unfounded personal attacks by one or more parties. Flaming harms the nice atmosphere of Couch Potato Talk. It also causes thread's to go off topic, and most importantly, it hurts the person being flamed. The victim may defend themselves against any accusations made to them, but may not make any additional accusations to the flamer (which also counts as flaming).
No Obscene Content - Such content does not belong on Couch Potato Talk. Do not post anything that could get Couch Potato Talk into trouble.
No Advertising - You are not permitted to make money using Couch Potato Talk. You are not allowed to use the member list to obtain Instant Messenging screennames to harrass people to purchase a product from you.
No Illegal Activity - You are not allowed to break the law using Couch Potato Talk. This can get Couch Potato Talk into legal trouble. Posting links to pirated streaming sites is illegal, so this counts as a violation of this rule.
No Double Posting or Spamming - No multiple posting for the sake of increasing post counts.

Non-adherence to these rules will result in posts being deleted and possible banning from the site.

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