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Alien: Covenant

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:42 am
by Blue Jackets

Alien: Covenant

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:19 am
by purple_hayes
Saw this over the weekend... glad I didn't pay money at a theater to see it, although the visuals are stunning.

I have to question Ridley Scott's movie francise building ability. I do not get where he's trying to go.

One theory I have is that Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, along with any other Alien prequel will be about how the Xenomorph was created and why it mutates so much. This film starts with Weiland and David, discussing what David is and where his place in life is to be. Because they made David too human, you can see he does not like the fact that he serves Weiland nor any other human and is curious about wanting to be a creator like Weiland. Alien: Covenant furthers this ideal with David's constant testing with the new spore to create a new life. One that is a perfect killing machine. It appears this is the main theme of the prequels as the science teams are more of test subjects to David. David's story is the main plot line the people he is with are just fodder in his main goal.

Speaking of the crew... why would you cut out the 4 min scene called 'the last supper'? This is major character building as it shows the crew conversing as they are coupled up, so you understand they are married. Plus, you show why Dave Franco is in the film along with a possible reason he isn't waking up from cryosleep. I do not get it. With out the character building, you really do not care who is married along with if they die or not. You have zero investment into these very one dimensional characters.

The movie is so flawed, you lose any immersion. The Alien franchise was built on horror as the first one was about how an alien hunts the team on the Nostromo, you felt suspense and dread as one wrong turn would lead to the unseen danger. Then Aliens took it further with a crack team of Colonial Marines take on a unstoppable force of xenomorphs with on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. You get nothing like this from Alien: Covenant. You get a team of scientist who land on an uncharted planet, explore without any safeguards like helmets or breathers, then stumble into nothing but trouble. Each one dying off sooo quickly as they are pretty stupid along with making unbelievably moronic choices in the face of danger.

Just do not understand where this franchise is going, which is sad as it started off with such promise.