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Megamind (2010)

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Megamind (2010)

Postby Tyler » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:13 am

Someone at work recommended this for us. We watched it this weekend with the kid, and by that I mean she played and the adults watched it.

Interesting that this movie came out the same year as Despicable Me. The movies are very similar. Super villain turned good guy. When Megamind came out 6 years ago I wrote it off immediately. However, it was a great movie. I was really impressed with the talent attached to the movie.

Will Ferrell ... Megamind (voice)
Brad Pitt Brad Pitt ... Metro Man (voice)
Tina Fey Tina Fey ... Roxanne Ritchie (voice)
Jonah Hill Jonah Hill ... Tighten (voice)
David Cross David Cross ... Minion (voice)
Ben Stiller Ben Stiller ... Bernard (voice)
Justin Theroux ... Megamind's father (voice)

I recommend it to anyone that liked Despicable Me. I think it is a little more adult than that movie, but just as good.

Megamind - 73%
Despicable Me - 81%

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