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Crazy Rich Asian

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Crazy Rich Asian

Postby Tyler » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:30 pm

Saw this over the long weekend. I knew nothing about it other than it was a romantic comedy featuring an all Asian cast. The movie was cute and entertaining. I didn't find it hilarious, but it did make me laugh a handful of times.

The ending payoff of the film was so well done. When he proposed on the plane and opening the ring box I could hear all 6 people (including myself) in the theater gasp. Very cool way to instantly show the mother finally approves. (But I also have issues with that, see below)

Jimmy O. Yang as the horrible friend was great typecasting. He played his same character from Silicon Valley.

Every single person in this movie was gorgeous. They found the most attractive Asian actors and actresses working.

Where the movie didn't work for me. In the end Nick's mother and his entire family finally approves of Rachel. They even throw them an engagement party. How is Rachel okay with any of this? 2 days ago these same people were gutting fish into your bed and calling you a gold digger. How do you look past that so fast? I could also never trust Nick's mom. I would just assume she backed off because she didn't want to make her son upset or lose him to a girl in America. I know it's a movie so it has to have a happy ending, but if I was Rachel I still wouldn't want anything to do with these people and Nick shouldn't forgive his family for how they acted.

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