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Home Networking

Postby Tyler » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:56 pm

I got a new modem on Friday. My internet has been acting funny (lagging in games, drops in Rec Room, buffering for remote Plex, crappy webcam quality). I tried 3 different routers without much improvement so I figured it had to be the modem. The weird thing is that I was still getting consistent speeds according to during all of the problems.

I replaced an Arris SB6183 with a Motorla MB7420. On paper they should perform the exact same, but the Motorola had slightly better reviews. Still too early to make a final call, but it seems like the remote Plex stuff is at least better. I tried testing my webcam at home on 2 laptops and it still seems pretty bad, but I'm not sure what you guys were seeing Thursday when you said it was awful. I also haven't played any games to see if that was improved. I'll hang onto the receipt and return it if things still seem bad.

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