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Types of crying during movies/tv shows

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Types of crying during movies/tv shows

Postby Tyler » Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:01 am

Our discussion in How to Train Your Dragon 3 made me think of this. What kind of scenes get the strongest emotion out of you? I've never ugly cried because of something I've watched, but it's getting more and more common for some tears to sneak out.

Ranking in order from most likely to tear up to least.
-Joy - In 2016's Lion when Dev Patel's character is reunited with his mother after 20+ years.
-Faith in humanity - Rosa and Amy in B99 fighting for women's rights. A Dog's Journey trailer (I'm ashamed!!)
-Sacrifice - Hiccup sacrificing himself to save Toothless. Toy Story 3, the toys accepting their fate while going into the incinerator
-Parent/Kid moments - Instant Family - basically the whole movie.
-Something actually sad happening - Again in Lion - when you learn Dev Pate's character's brother died and you think of the mother who lost both her sons in the same night

What about everyone else? Did I miss a category? I'll be more aware of my emotions in the future and see if my ranking is accurate.

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