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TWD - s08e14

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:25 pm
by Tyler
What the heck are Morgan's ghosts talking about? "You know what it is"

This show is not fun to watch alone, I miss my VR crew

TWD - s08e14

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:03 am
by Tyler
This episode pulled off the unthinkable, bare minimum enjoyment for me not to call it a bad episode. It was not good, but I will stamp it with a "fine".

Things that I liked:
-Carol saving Henry in the creek bed. She got to do exactly what she couldn't do for Sophie back in season 2. Extra little nugget is that the kids playing Sophie and Henry are siblings.
-As much as I HATE Morgan going crazy for the 14th time, I think he finally explained why this episode. 5 seasons too late, but at least he had a conversation about it.
-Ikea shipping container was neat
-Rat face Jesus finally getting killed
-Rick didn't keep his word, Negan did.

Dumb things:
-Negan talking his way out of being Jadis's prisoner.
-All of the timing/staging in the dump. It was comical how bad things were filmed. The baseball bat to the face that looked fake as ever, the laughable timing with the helicopter missing Jadis, Negan getting the flare gun/gun, it was all so bad.
-Rick killing those guys in cold blood just so he can read Carl's letter and realize he was wrong about doing it

Who does Negan pick up? Barcode girl who knows Dwight is a turncoat?