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Lucky's Tale (Oculus VR)

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Lucky's Tale (Oculus VR)

Postby Tyler » Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:35 pm

This was a free game that launched with the headset. The Rift headset came out 6+ months before the touch controllers, so this was one of the few "good" controller games. They have since added some touch support, so I wanted to test it out.

Bmyoung has played this game and I know he likes it. It is a platformer and you are watching Lucky from a 3rd person perspective. It actually made me full uneasy because there is a lot of times it feels you can't be sitting/standing where you're watching from because of the things in the world.

The game is super cute. If you get your head really close to Lucky he waves and makes sounds. You can also poke him with the new touch support.

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