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My Year with VR

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My Year with VR

Postby Tyler » Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:12 am

The robot vacuum post inspired me to write a retrospective about VR as well since I am the resident VR fanboy.

Do I regret my purchase? No way. Love it so much I bought the Oculus Go
Has VR changed the way I game: Absolutely
Do I still play pancake games: Not really. I got into War of Mordor for a bit, but that was the only pancake game I played this year
Average amount played in a week: Very hit or miss, depends if I have a game to beat. There have been months where I haven't touched it. Lately I probably play 2+ hours a week, which I know is nothing compared to some of the PC gamers here who do that daily
Favorite type of game: Lately it has been seated games with touch or Xbox controller (more on that below)

It's hard to say I game more with VR because I haven't been that big of a gamer in general since graduating college, getting married, and having a daughter. VR definitely makes my limited game time more exciting and engaging though. VR games are almost always shorter than traditional games. I think of the Arkham games as a traditional console/PC game game length, which is 15ish hours. VR story games are usually only 2-4hrs (there are some exceptions like Lone Echo). This shorter game length is actually a selling point for me. I like that they are games I can beat in a handful of gaming sessions. The $ per hour isn't as good as a pancake games, but I think the immersion makes up for that.

VR does have some barriers other than cost and the physical space required. The act of "suiting up" does take work. It may only take me 30 seconds to gear up, but it is still a process that pancake gamers don't have to think about. A lot of times the thought of roomscale games don't sound appealing. I would rather sit in a chair and play something more relaxing. That is why I am on my current kick of chair games (Pixel Ripped, Defense Grid, racing). When Wilkins texted me the other day about beating my BeatSaber score I started taking out my headset so I could take the title right back, but then I considered how tired and sweaty I would be and decided it wasn't worth it. That is a very strange thing to consider for a video game.

VR is both a great social experience and an isolating one. I enjoy putting on the headset and being in my own little world. I think some people here only play online with friends or if you have people in the physical room and making it social that way. I think there are great games available for however you want to play. (Like party mode in BeatSaber or SPT). Watching TWD with people here ended up being one of my favorite things to do in VR and it wasn't even something I considered when buying it.

Closing thoughts: I'm a big nerd and like talking about this stuff. I am very excited for this industry. I am going to keep following it thanks to websites and podcasts. I will continue to buy interesting games that make good use of the technology.
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My Year with VR

Postby cwilkins88 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:56 am

Love the write up nerd. I've been basically playing the same two games, Beat Saber and PUBG for the last....forever, and just now finally starting to explore some of the other VR games. I'll do a write up of some other games in a hot minute here, but overall I find it more enjoyable than pancake games.

Before, I wouldn't even play pancake games (except some random favorites), unless it was in a group setting. I have no problem doing VR alone.

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