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Vive Cosmos hybrid VR Reveal

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Vive Cosmos hybrid VR Reveal

Postby Tyler » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:29 pm

VIVE COSMOS will offer absolute comfort, easy set up, & will require no external tracking; COSMOS allows you to enjoy VR at home or on-the-go

- NEW HMD: vive pro with eye tracking (vive pro EYE)

- infinity viveport (pay more to have access to the whole library instead of 5 games/month, much like netflix for vr games)

- firefox vr, will allow to browse vr web pages as well (HTC Vive collaboration with Mozilla) - Amazon Sumerian, a set of software that easily allows developers to create "immersive, VR-optimized websites" without specialized programming experience (HTC Vive collaboration with Amazon)

- vive reality, some kind of Vive Home with gaming worlds inside of it

- first look at Population One, a battle royale VR game

- new HMD: vive cosmos, a hybrid headset powered by either your PC or your phone through USB-C (no specs revealed as of yet, more in the coming months, controllers have thumbsticks instead of trackpads)



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