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Phantom Covert Ops VR

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Phantom Covert Ops VR

Postby Tyler » Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:46 am

Yet another stealth kayak shooting game. Such a crowded category.

$30. Cross buy between rift and quest. I played on Quest last night but may try PC streaming to Quest later.

Gameplay is very run. It's a seated game since you are on a kayak the whole time. Paddling mostly feels natural - but I could see that getting boring after multiple missions. For now though I am enjoying the traversing.

Gun play is fantastic. First game I've played where you hold the scope to your eye and have to close your other eye to look through it. Very cool and realistic.

The game wants you to be stealthy and not shoot people, but it's more exciting to take tactical shots and remain unnoticed vs not firing the gun at all.

I look forward to playing again. I experienced no motion sickness expect when you grab onto things off the kayak and that rocks the boat side to side. I actually wish you could grab more things and pull the kayak along, kind of like how Espire or Lone Echo does grabbing.

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