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Westworld - Ghost Nation tribe theory

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Westworld - Ghost Nation tribe theory

Postby Tyler » Mon May 07, 2018 6:53 am

This is for s02 of Westworld.

The Ghost Nation tribe seems like a 3rd group right now. Humans, hosts, and then Ghost Nation. Yes, they are also hosts, but they behave differently. Mauve can't control them and we've seen the brain scan of one where Dolores was killing him.

What if the tribe is actually helping the humans? Last year they took Stubs, and he is somehow back. On s02e03 they wanted to take Lee from Mauve. At the end of the episode we see them with the Raj World lady. Perhaps they aren't as bad as they seem?

"But Tyler, we have seen them kill Mauve". Yes, I think for the hosts' narrative they are savages, but they are also being used to help guide humans.

This theory falls apart though when you ask who is driving this program. Ford would have wiped them all clean if he knew they were going to try aiding the humans during the robot revolution.

Edit: I have been trying to only browse a little bit of Reddit this season, but of course the top thread from 9 hours ago is basically the same theory as this.

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