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Netflix to Launch 'Stranger Things' After-Show

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Blue Jackets
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Netflix to Launch 'Stranger Things' After-Show

Postby Blue Jackets » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:42 am ... ix-1051984

The streaming giant is launching Beyond Stranger Things, a post-show rehash for the sci-fi phenomenon that debuted in 2016. Hosted by writer, producer, actor and "superfan" Jim Rash (The Dean from Community and Oscar winning writer), the show after the show promises to explore the inspiration for the series, tell behind-the-scenes stories and analyze every aspect of the second season, including answering all burning questions.

All seven episodes will be available to watch on Oct. 27, the same day Stranger Things 2 is released on the streaming platform. However, viewers will be advised not to start watching Beyond Stranger Things until after they have finished watching the entire new season of the drama, as there will no doubt be major spoilers along the way. Unlike the genre's other aftershows, which air installments following each episodes, Netflix's iteration will automatically play after viewers complete the final episode of Stranger Things 2.
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Netflix to Launch 'Stranger Things' After-Show

Postby Tyler » Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:06 am

That's a weird format for the show, but I guess most people wouldn't stop their binge to watch the after show in between each Stranger Things.

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