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Stranger Things - s02e05 - Chapter Five: Dig Dug

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Stranger Things - s02e05 - Chapter Five: Dig Dug

Postby Tyler » Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:01 pm

Another episode ended with something terrifying happening to Will. I figured there would be consequences to him if the lab guys started burning the tunnel. At least the lab guy seems to be on the same side as Hopper?

Dustin and Steve teamup is going to be great. Dustin risked a lot by letting the monster outside to trap him in the cellar.

Of course Max didn't believe Lucas's story of season 1, but I loved how meta her review of it was. Since Dustin is busy with Steve I am guessing Lucas and Max have a romantic moment.

I feel silly for thinking Bob was going to turn into a bad guy. Bob is great. I loved his excitement for the map and even when he was in the tunnel, he didn't question anything. He just thought it was cool to be in Will's map.

Eleven visits her mom and sees she is reliving a nightmare over and over. Is her keeper working for the lap? I thought it was suspicious what she said, but maybe she is just repeating stuff that was told her to before.

We saw baby Eleven and baby Eight playing together. Well, toddlers?

Sexual tension between Jonathon and Nancy!! I think they make a good team and are doing the right thing with Barbara's story, but I like Nancy with Steve. She waited a month for him, but Jonathon had a lot going on that know, because is brother came back from the dead.

Dustin talking shit to Mike's dad was great.

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