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Stranger Things - s02e09 - Chapter Nine: The Gate

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Stranger Things - s02e09 - Chapter Nine: The Gate

Postby Tyler » Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:02 am

Great finale for a great season.

Can Will PLEASE have a normal childhood now? Poor kid has gone through so much. I was worried the smoke monster was going to leave him and immediately go into someone else. I'm glad it went back to the upside down so they could carry out the plan. I've said it like 7 times now, but this kid needs an Emmy nomination. I wonder if it would be for lead or supporting like GoT typically does.

I really thought for a second that Steve was going to hold his own against Billy. Billy has probably been beat all his life by his dad, he wasn't going to lose to a fight from someone smaller and weaker than him. I thought it took Max (or the boys) forever to react. Steve was just get beat on forever, they could have all jumped on Billy. In the end I'm glad it was Max to defeat her own brother though.

So happy that the doctor survived and he was 100% a good guy. Jane is Hopper's daughter now. Those two had a nice moment in the Bronco when heading to the lab. I can't believe Jane didn't even know about Hopper's daughter before. I think she died from the flu?

I thought the distraction plan from the kids was way too risky and not needed. Hopper was about to enter that room in the lab with the 40 demidogs and he thought he would be fighting to his death so of course it was great when the plan from the kids worked and drove the dogs out. However, I think Jane could have gone into that room and snapped the neck of all of them. Hopper said she needed to save her power...but did she?

Dart showing up was nice and Dustin being right about their bond. RIP little guy.

The final showdown between Jane and the monster was tense, especially with Hopper fighting off the demidogs enough so she could finish the job. I have some complaints about this ending, but I'll save them for a different thread.

The scene between Billy and Mike's mom was hilariously inappropriate. I'm sure everyone noticed the romance novel she was reading in the bathtub had a character on it that looked EXACTLY like Billy. I was impressed by how charming Billy was when he wasn't being a jerk brother or huge racist to Lucas. While still on the topic of Billy, I wonder how much Max had to tell him. Wouldn't he want to know why they had that needle, what happened to his car (she hit a mailbox), what was up with the drawings all over the house, and why was Steve hanging out with a bunch of kids? The episode ended with Max/Billy on some kind of understanding terms and I'm excited to learn more.

The winter ball was the perfect ending to the episode. We all knew Jane was going to walk in and dance with Mike, but I thought the other stuff was just as good. Lucas and Max are "official" now. Zombieboy Will dancing with some random girl, at least he is owning his new nickname now? Nancy throwing Dustin a bone and dancing with him. All so great.

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