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The Handmaid's Tale - s01e08 - Jezebels

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The Handmaid's Tale - s01e08 - Jezebels

Postby Tyler » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:20 am

While his wife is away, Commander Waterford takes Offred on an excursion outside the walls of Gilead to a den of iniquity where she finds a familiar face.
I've been wandering what happened to the women that aren't married to commanders or handmaid/martha. Now we know. They are s3x slaves to the top officials. Of course the politicians want the rules to apply to everyone but themselves.

Fred is so out of touch with reality. Explains this illegal operation is because "well, we're all human!" but 95% of the population don't have the rights humans should have. Little detail, but when June asked him "who are they?" and he explains who the men where. Obviously she was asking about the women, but he doesn't even see them as anything other than objects.

I liked the backstory on Nick and how he has seen all of this unfold from the beginning. The idea to round up fertile women, give them to the weathly, and have the wives watch during the cermony was all thought of in a 2 minute conversation. Nick is also the worse "eye" ever, he doesn't report anything ever.

Interesting when they showed Offred 1.0 offing herself. Serena told Fred "well what did you expect?" Is she talking about the whole idea of handmaid's in general, or something Fred was doing, like what he is doing with June?

Nice reunuin with Moira. I can't believe she is still intact. Handmaids get their hands cut off when they read something. Moira escaped and received no physical punishment and she was given a choice on her fate?

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