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Legion - s02e03

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Legion - s02e03

Postby Tyler » Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:33 am

Episodes opens with real Farouk "dying" on a table. In his glasses we see the chaulkboard scene that David drew last season. I'm assuming Professor X (David's dad) and Farouk are battling somewhere, and he drops dead after it. His body is taken to some monks. The Monk wakes up in the teeth chattering room and escapes. David visits Farouk in the atroplane to ask about monks. Farouk said it was the monk causing the teeth chattering and Farouk was chasing him around the world. Lenny is suicidal but can't die. David wakes up back in Division 3. Finds Cary. They help Ptonomy and Melanie out of their mazes. Episode ends with David entering Syd's maze.

We got answers and more questions this episode. We learned what the "maze" was, and each person has their own mental prison they are stuck in while having the chatters. I liked seeing how drastically different Ptonomy's and Melanie's were.

Farouk makes a strong argument why he isn't the bad guy in the story and instead it is David's dad. David is pretty quick to forget the 30ish years that Farouk lived in his mind and slowly drove him insane.

Minotaur is horrifying. I was surprised Melanie's maze mentioned it.

Question: How exactly did the monk get in there? He was at the club where they found David in s02e01 and hauled all of the chattering people back. Was the monk faking it just to get into Division 3?

What happened to Cary? He slowly faded instead of going into Kerry.

The Monk and the kids had David and the next time we see David he is running into Wickerman's room. Why did the Monk allow him to leave? Monk just wanted to "read" him and see what his motives were?

Theory I saw online:
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