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Legion - s02e05

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Legion - s02e05

Postby Tyler » Thu May 03, 2018 7:27 am

Lenny shows up. Clark and Ptonomy interview her. Farouk and Oliver are digging things up in the desert. Lenny turns out to be David's sister. Farouk used a weird device to put Lenny into sister's body. Brother-in-law is also dead.
This episode was trippy, but I feel like I followed it? My main question is what was the device they dug up to body swap? How did Farouk know that was there?

“Apparently on Legion...” lol

Didn't Farouk just tell David he isn't a bad guy? This may hurt their partnership a bit. I'm guessing Farouk wants him rattled and unstable.

Yep. That's dread. What an ending! Her screaming was intense.

This season has been even weirder than last. We are 5 episodes in and we kind of just accept it. Lenny was asking questions about it though. What if the whole season has been tricking us and Lenny is starting to see through it?

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