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Better Call Saul - s04e05

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Better Call Saul - s04e05

Postby Tyler » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:23 am

That cold open caught me off guard. I was not prepared to see a Breaking Bad timeline shot like that causally starting a mid-season episode. That seems like a premier or finale move.

Feel awful for Howard. He feels solely responsible for Chuck's death and it is destroying him.

There is no way Kim doesn't let the bank down again. She was lying through her teeth when she said it wouldn't happen again.

Super lab stuff with Mike and Gus was just as interesting. I missed seeing Nacho, but I liked seeing the details behind their future operation. I kind of always thought the lab came up as a reaction to Walt's meth success, as in Gus wanted to copy it. It seems the lab comes years before Walt starts cooking. If that's the case, how did Walt even get his foot in the door with such good product out already out?

Surprised Jimmy took the sign off his store right he got mugged. He proved the business angle works, he just shouldn't do it at 1:30 in the morning alone.

From Reddit:
Jimmy telling Franchesca to dump the paper shredding in different trash bins in a great subtle call back to Jimmy dumpster diving for the San piper paper shreddings. Also, the box he ripped out of the wall is the same box he used to watch old commercials of him in the BCS premiere

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